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Drop Ship Services - Artisano Designs Giftware, Wedding & Party Favors

At Artisano Designs, we strive beyond wedding favor manufacturing and wholesale supply services. We aim to provide industry leading - fast and economical - drop ship wedding favor supply service. We want to provide leading manufactured wholesale wedding party favors and supplies - period. Today, we're an emergent and fresh wedding party favor supplier to leading U.S. and Canadian retail outlets, providing them the best wedding favors possible. Drop ship service is just one way to support online wedding favor stores, and offline wedding stores, to allow greater focus on brides. 

What is wedding favor drop ship service? Simply, it is a distribution method whereby we ship items - approved and carried by you, the retailer, to your bridal customers. 

The benefits of drop ship service from Artisano Designs

 - Drop Ship service means your brides get their wedding favours fast. How fast?  We ship typically within only a few days whether in Canada or the U.S.

- Dropshipping party favors saves you, the retailer, and your brides money. Rather than paying for overhead costs of stocking-warehousing wedding favors, we can do that for you. When you cut costs you can pass on savings - and be more competitive - with increasingly budget-conscious brides and wedding planners.

- Dropshipping means more profits. Besides saving you money, Artisano Designs unique wholesale wedding favors give you the opportunity to maintain healthy profit margins. Efficient drop shipping combined with unique wholesale favors means brides will demand our profitable party favors.

- Drop shipping our giftware & favors means flexibility. You can order your wholesale favors when you need them, allowing you to employ and efficient "just-in-time" fulfillment process.

Not every wedding favor supplier manufactures unique wholesale wedding favors and provides drop ship service like Artisano Designs - daily drop shipping service throughout the U.S. and Canada - so become a retailer today and enjoy the benefits of partnering with Artisano Designs. Oh, and foremost, you'll fall in love with our wholesale priced wedding favors (not just how easy it is with our dropshipping service).  If you have any more questions about our wedding favor drop shipping service, contact us today.

A Toast to Our Retailers - Cheers!